Release Notes 6.7.2023 will release an automatic software update on June 7, 2023. See the list below for details.

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Playlists Assigned Before Courses Now Separate Assignment Card

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy

For a smoother integration into a child’s learning experience, Waterford playlists assigned to students will now show up as their own course card. This means that playlists do not need to be tied to a course during the assignment process. The updated wording explicitly emphasizes how playlists are assigned.

Playlist course screenshot

Added End of Year Support for District Administrators 

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy

To streamline preparation for the next school year and reduce confusion, district administrators can now view the last successful run date of the Remove Associations and Reset to Placement tools on:

  • The Organizations tab (main tab and Support sub-tab)
  • Reset to Placement and Remove Associations sub-tabs
Remove Associations and Reset Placement screenshots
Remove Associations and Reset Placement screenshots
Remove Associations and Reset Placement screenshots

Successful run dates prior to June 14, 2023 will not be shown for Reset to Placement.

New Class and Read Together Activity Sheets for Waterford Books

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy, Waterford Mentor, Waterford Upstart

Enhance student reading and communication skill practice after reading these Waterford books with Class Activity Sheets (for educators) and Reading Together Activity sheets (for families), available in the Resources & Activities tab:

Reading Together screenshot

Updated Sing-a-Rhyme Picture Books 

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy, Waterford Upstart, Waterford Mentor

Families and educators can access the newly illustrated versions of the Catch Him for Fun and Ox Kissing a Fox Sing-A-Rhyme books in the Resources & Activities tab of their Waterford accounts. These books are available in English and Spanish.

picture book screenshot
picture book screenshot

Updated Resources: Upstart Skills Taught, Phonological Awareness Videos, and Reading Together Bookmarks

Affects: Waterford Upstart

The Upstart Skills Taught resource provides an overview for families of the skills taught in the Waterford Upstart program. The Phonological Awareness videos demonstrate phonological awareness skills and provide activities that can be enjoyed at home to support learning. The Reading Together bookmarks share tips for making reading fun at home and feature the newly updated Waterford characters.

These resources are available in English and Spanish from the Resources & Activities tab.

Upstart Skills Taught screenshot
bookmark screenshot

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