Using the Press and Hold Icon to Make Choices in Activities

As Waterford improves activities to be more tablet and touchscreen friendly, your students will gradually notice changes for making selections in the activities. Instead of a mouse hover for making selections, students will now see a Press and Hold icon.

If students are using a desktop computer, they will know the activity is updated for Press-and-Hold by the appearance of a white glove pointer where the mouse hover icon used to be. Additionally, on all devices, an animated glove icon will appear in the activity’s Navigation Bar to let students know the activity will require choice selection.

To successfully select an option in activities where the Press and Hold icon is present, students tap with their finger on a touchscreen device or with their mouse on a desktop device. They will continue to hold down until the circle that appears where they tapped fills up.

activity screenshot

To help with the transition, all students will be assigned a Practice Activity that teaches students how the Press and Hold icon works and allows them to practice using it. 

Educators can also custom assign the activity to students struggling to understand this new interaction. The title of the activity is Press-and-Hold Practice Activity. For instructions on assigning it, see Assigning an Activity or Playlist.

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