Understanding Assessment Reports as a Teacher or Administrator

Generating a Assessments Report

To select and view an Assessment report in Waterford Reading Academy:

  1. Log in to Waterford Reading Academy and visit the Reports tab.
  2. Choose District, Schools, or Classes under view.
  3. Choose Assessments from the Curriculum filter.
  4. Select the district, school, or classes that you would like to view within the report.
  5. Scroll to Assessments Report from the list of reports and select Open.

The report will now load in the same window for you to view.

Reading a Assessments Report

As a teacher or district administrator in Waterford Reading Academy, you can generate reports to view student performance on the Waterford Assessment of Core Skills (WACS) benchmark at the District, School and Class levels.

District and school administrators can generate District Performance, School Performance and Class Performance reports, while teachers can generate a Class Performance report.

To generate the District Performance and School Performance reports as a district administrator, visit the Reports tab. Select the District view and Assessments curriculum, as well as the Benchmark filter.

The District Performance report data is displayed by grade level for all students within the district. The report displays student performance by category as a total as well as percentage. 

Assessment Report screenshot

The District Performance example report shown above was generated for the Fall Benchmark, as noted by the dates in the header.

The School Performance report shows similar information, but formatted differently as it is displayed alphabetically by school, as shown in the example below.

Assessment Report screenshot

This report shows student performance data by school and does not provide the percentage breakdown in the same way as the District Performance report.

To generate the Class Performance report, visit the Reports tab and select the Schools view and Assessments curriculum. Then, select a benchmark from the filters.

The data in this report is organized by school name with the classes in that school listed below. The school name row shows the total of all students in the school, while the class row represents the data for students in those classes.

As noted in the Waterford refresh rate guidelines, all Waterford reports update hourly.

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