Understanding Individual Performance Assessment Report as a Teacher or Administrator

As a teacher or district administrator in Waterford Reading Academy, you can generate the Individual Performance report to view detailed student information on performance on the Waterford Assessment of Core Skills exam.

To generate the Individual Performance report, visit the Reports tab and select the Students view and Assessments curriculum from the filter bar. Note that you must apply Benchmark, Classes and Student filters in order to generate the reports. 

You can select multiple students at once from the Students filter dropdown. Use the arrows at the top of the report to move pages within the report and show the students selected. 

Individual Performance report screenshot
Individual Performance report screenshot

This report provides detailed benchmark results by category for individual students, along with recommendations based on performance and other information about the domains tested. 

Each domain has an indicator that shows the student’s expected versus actual score for the specific area tested. The student’s score is indicated in green if it is at or above expected. It is orange if the score is below expected. These indicators are referenced in the key on the report as shown in the screenshot above.

Beneath the key is the Overall area, which provides an expected action plan summary like in the example below.

Overall summary screenshot

Additionally, this report provides detailed suggestions for each tested domain. It outlines why each skill is important, as well as how to engage with the child in specific activities that can help improve their fluency in that domain.

Individual Performance assessment report screenshot

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