Understanding the Area of Difficulty Report as a Teacher or Administrator

Generating an Area of Difficulty Report

To select and view an Area of Difficulty report in Waterford Reading Academy:

  1. Log in to Waterford Reading Academy and visit the Reports tab.
  2. Choose Classes or Students under view.
  3. Choose the Curriculum that you would like to view the report for (Early Reading, Early Math & Science, SmartStart, or Assessments).
  4. Select the date range for which you would like to generate the report.
  5. Select the students or class that you would like to view within the report.
  6. Scroll to Area of Difficulty Report from the list of reports and select Open.

The report will now load in the same window for you to view.

Reading an Area of Difficulty Report

As a teacher or administrator in Waterford Reading Academy, you can run the Area of Difficulty report to view a detailed breakdown of students who are struggling with specific instructional strands. The data on this report is refreshed hourly.

You can generate this report at both the Classes and Students view. The report will provide a breakdown list of students that scored below mastery for a given objective within the past 45 days.  You can customize the date range through the Dates filter, but any date ranges that extend beyond the 45 day window will not be shown on the report.

The date range for which the data on the report is shown can also be found on the top left of the report in the header.

When you generate this report at the class level, it will list the students in the class that experienced difficulty with the skills listed on the report. From the class report, you can click on an underlined student name to automatically open that student’s individual Area of Difficulty report, where you can view all of the skills in which that student scored below mastery. 

Area of Difficulty report screenshot
Area of Difficulty report screenshot
As noted in the Waterford refresh rate guidelines, all Waterford reports update hourly. Because the report is refreshed hourly, if a student has mastered the skill since the last refresh, then the mastered objective will no longer be displayed on the report. 

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