Understanding the Check Placement Report as a Teacher or Administrator

As a teacher or administrator, you can run the Check Placement report to view detailed student placement information and assess student level by strand. This repot displays data from the most recent placement and is updated hourly.

You can generate this report at both the Class and Student level. When viewed at the Class level, this report is particularly useful to see at-a-glance information of when students in your class completed the placement activity and where they placed in certain areas. 

When you generate the report at the Class level, you can click on any student name to open a detailed Placement report for the selected student.

The key in the top right corner of the Check Placement report shows Student Level. For example, the student in the sample report above placed in Pre-Reading Level 2 in the Phonics and Comprehension & Vocabulary strands. They placed in Pre-Reading Level 1 in Phonological Awareness and Language Concepts strands.

Any assessment results with a score less than 80% will be shown as Not Mastered.

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