Troubleshooting Common Tablet Error Messages for Waterford Reading Academy

Seeing an error message on your Waterford Reading Academy app screen? Learn how to troubleshoot the three most common errors.

If the error message persists after following these instructions, contact Waterford Support for further assistance.

Invalid QR Code Message

invalid QR code message

When you see the Invalid QR Code message above, check your Wi-Fi to make sure it is connected. If the device is offline, reconnect with your Wi-Fi. Then, scan the QR code again. Try the QR code on a different device if the error persists.

Loading Error Message

error 403 message

If you see a loading error message, check your device settings for an iOS update and update your device as needed. After ensuring that the iOS is up to date, visit the Apple or Google Play store to check for updates to the Waterford Reading Academy app.

If you are unable to update your device manually, contact your school or district IT department for assistance.

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