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Session Timer Now Visible on Tablets and Mobile Devices

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy, Waterford Upstart

Now you can track the time left in a Waterford session on mobile devices and tablets! Earlier this year, Waterford Reading Academy released a browser-based student session timer so teachers can track when a session will be completed.

This session timer is now available on tablets and mobile devices for Waterford Reading Academy as well as Waterford Mentor and Waterford Upstart.

Session Timer screenshot

10 New and Updated Activities, Videos, and PDF Books Added to Waterford Curriculum

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy, Waterford Upstart

Preposition Cat, a new instructional video that teaches about prepositions, is now live in the Early Reading digital learning path for Waterford Upstart, Waterford Mentor, and Waterford Reading Academy students.

Preposition Cat screenshot

Additionally, three new Letter-Sound Connections videos are available, which demonstrate how the sounds of English are formed and teach letter-sound connections. Educators and families can find these on the Resources & Activities tab in Waterford Upstart, Waterford Mentor, and Waterford Reading Academy.

Letter-Song Connections screenshot

Six new and updated PDF books are also available in English and Spanish through the Resources & Activities tab in Waterford Upstart, Waterford Mentor, and Waterford Reading Academy:

  • In the Lights: The Story of Lin-Manuel Miranda
  • Eyes on the Goal: The Story of Abby Wambach
  • Dev and His New Pet
  • My Dinosaur
  • Pat Can Camp
  • Hair
cover of Pat Can Camp
In the Lights cover

Optimal Touchscreen Learning Experience 

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy

As a reminder, the best practice for an optimal learning experience for students using touchscreen devices is to access Waterford programs through the app, not through a browser. The Waterford Reading Academy app is available to download on the App Store and Google Play. You can find download instructions here.

More exciting updates are currently in the works with our Waterford content development teams. These content updates will further enhance the Waterford learning experience on touchscreen devices.

Tagging Feature Enabled for All District Administrators

Affects: Waterford Reading Academy

District administrators can now create custom student tags within Waterford Reading Academy which, once created, can be used by administrators and teachers to tag individual records. These custom tags can be used to filter dashboards and reports for easier grouping.

Previously, this feature was enabled on request for individual districts. It is now live for all Waterford Reading Academy district administrators.

For more information on the student tagging feature and how to create tags, visit the Help Site article for district administrators. Teachers and school administrators can follow the link here for instructions on assigning existing tags to students.

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