Understanding the Progress Report as a Teacher or Administrator

Generating a Progress Report

To select and view a Progress Report in Waterford Reading Academy:

  1. Log in to Waterford Reading Academy and visit the Reports tab.
  2. Choose Classes under view.
  3. Choose the Curriculum that you would like to view the report for (Early Reading, Early Math & Science, or SmartStart).
  4. Select the date range for which you would like to generate the report.
  5. Select the class that you would like to view within the report.
  6. Scroll to Progress Report from the list of reports and select Open.

The report will now load in the same window for you to view.

Reading a Progress Report

As a teacher or administrator in Waterford Reading Academy, you can run the Progress report to see student progress towards their achievement goals, as well as mastery percentage on objectives encountered, placement level, and current level. 

You can generate this report in the Classes view. It will display data for all students in the class for the selected time frame.

The fields that are shown for each student in the class are:

  • Usage: the student's usage in minutes for the selected time frame
  • Days: the number of days in which the student has registered a session of at least 30 seconds in duration
  • Starting Level: the level at which the student was placed in the program based on placement activity performance. This will also include a percentage to indicate how far along that student was in that level.
The starting level can also be manually added by a school or district administrator rather than set based on placement activity performance.
  • Current Level: the student's current level within the program as well as a percentage indicating how far along the student is in this level
  • Goal Level: the student's end-of-year level goal for the course
This percentage will always be 100%, as the goal is always full completion of the end-of-year level.
  • Progress Towards Goal: the student's progress towards their specific end of year goal.
    • For example, consider a student who began the program at 0% completion of Basic Reading 1 and whose end-of-year goal is 100% completion of Basic Reading 3. If the student's current progress is 100% complete of Basic Reading 1, their Progress Towards Goal will be shown as 33% because they have completed all of Basic Reading 1, but they still need to complete all of Basic Reading 2 and Basic Reading 3.
  • Mastery Percentage: the number of objectives the student has mastered out of all objectives encountered
  • For example, if a student has encountered 100 objectives and mastered 75, their Mastery Percentage will display as 75%
  • Average Score: the average score of the latest attempts of the objectives in all strands the student has encountered
You can also generate this report for multiple classes at once. Use the arrows to move between pages within the report. The class you are currently viewing will be displayed on the top right. 
Progress Report screenshot

On the final page of each class, you will see row at the bottom for Class Average. This row provides a summarized view of the entire class average for Usage (in minutes), days, progress towards goal, mastery percentage and average score. 

As noted in the Waterford refresh rate guidelines, all Waterford reports update hourly.

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