Preparing for the End of the School Year with Waterford Reading Academy (Administrators)

As the school year wraps up, completing the tasks below will ensure a smooth transition to the next academic year. For help or questions, you can visit or request support from our team within your Waterford Admin account.  

Archive Data

  • Print or save the District and/or School Dashboards and, if desired, the Level and Usage reports at the District and School level. 
  • Ensure that teachers have saved Student Dashboards for their class and any additional reports for targeted students.

If students are using Waterford at home during the summer break, the following End-of-Year steps will disrupt their usage. In this case, it is recommended to complete these steps at the beginning of the new school year. If you have any questions, please contact your Implementation Specialist or Partner Success Advocate. 

Prepare Student Records

  1. Update Program Start and End Dates: After changing the program start and end date, reporting data from last year will no longer be available to view. 
  2. Reset to Placement: Waterford recommends you reset placement at the beginning of each school year to ensure students are at their current “just right” learning level. This tool reassigns the placement test for all selected students. 
  3. Remove Associations: This process will move all students out of their classes and schools, unassign student licenses, and update reporting parameters. It should be performed 24 hours after using “Reset to Placement” and before rostering for the new school year. 
  4. Rostering Students & Staff:

    3rd Party Sync: For assistance with rostering, schedule a meeting with Waterford Support using Calendly.
    Manual Roster: Using the “Rostering: Import” button, follow the prompts to import staff and students with the linked guide and template. Individually upload users or update existing staff and students in the “Staff & Students” tab. 
  5. Assign Courses and Goals: After updating roster information, assign Waterford courses by grade level for the district, schools, classrooms, and/or students. Review your district’s licensing allocation before making assignments.

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