Preparing for the End of the School Year with Waterford Reading Academy (Administrators)

As the school year starts to wrap up with Waterford Reading Academy, complete these tasks to ensure a smooth transition into next year. For help or questions on any task, visit Waterford Support or use the chat feature in your Waterford Reading Academy account.

Saving Reports

  • Print or save the District and/or School Dashboards and, if desired, the Completion and Usage reports at the District and School level.
  • Ensure that teachers have saved Student Dashboards for their class and any additional reports for targeted students.

Using Waterford at Home

  • If the student is still active, there should be no disruption in their ability to use Waterford at home.

Preparing Student Records for Next Year

  • Sync: If your school/district uses Clever, Classlink, OneRoster, or another system, you will need to follow specific instructions to prepare for next year. Contact Waterford Support or follow one of the Calendly links below to discuss a plan:
  • Remove Associations will remove all student, class, and course information at the end of the year.
  • Import Rosters Manually: If you have a small implementation, it may be most efficient to make changes manually. We recommend importing students and staff using the template available in the Organizations tab.

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