Preparing for the End of the School Year with Waterford Reading Academy (Teachers)

As the school year starts to wrap up with Waterford Reading Academy, consider the recommendations below to ensure a smooth transition into next year. For help or questions on any task, visit Waterford Support or use the chat feature in your Waterford Reading Academy account.

Saving Reports

Using Waterford at Home

  • If your students are using Waterford at home during the break, they will continue to have access at home even if they switch classes.
  • As long as they are still active, students will be able to use Waterford at home.
  • Talk to caregivers and your Waterford administrator about a transition plan if you are planning to deactivate students

Preparing Students for Next Year

  • Depending on your implementation, your administrator may need you to create new classes, add new students, assign courses to existing students, or other tasks. Make sure you and your administrator are clear on what tasks you need to complete and when.

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