Getting Started Hub for Teachers

Welcome to the Getting Started Hub for Waterford teachers! Here you'll find a collection of instructions for setting up your students to use the Waterford curriculum.

Click on the titles below for helpful tips and instructions to get started.

Assigning Courses

Learn how to assign a Waterford course to your students:

Logging Students in to Waterford

Learn how to log in your students to their Waterford accounts:

Accessing Waterford Mentor

Learn how to sign up your class for Waterford Mentor, a family engagement and resource platform:

Implementing Spanish Language Support

Learn how to turn on Spanish language activity support for students in your classroom:

Using the Waterford Playlists and Resource Library

Learn how to access Waterford's Resources & Activities library and how to assign resources, activities, or playlists on a whole-class, small-group, or individual level:

Understanding Device Maintenance

Learn how to troubleshoot topics related to device maintenance:

Accessing Waterford Dashboards and Reports

Learn how to access teacher dashboards and reports, as well as how to use the data to inform your instruction:

Getting Started Webinars

For more tips on getting started, visit the Waterford Reading Academy webinar page. Here, you can find videos on the following topics to help you master using Waterford Reading Academy in your classroom:

  • Getting Started with Waterford Reading Academy
  • What’s New in Waterford Reading Academy
  • Waterford Data and Dashboards
  • Waterford Resources to Support Families

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